So, what is it you do?

Time Line Therapy TM is one of the most powerful tools I have ever witnessed having the power to literally transform someones entire life experience from a negative to a positive.  Profound and powerful

Now, for the details… made simple and clear

The Key component of clearing session is emotional clearing

Releasing anger sadness fear hurt and guilt form the past  with time line therapy TM Even with the word therapy in its name Time Line Therapy TM Is very different to a talking therapy

Its  centred around release and clearing.  

You may or may not experience negative emotions  in your everyday experience of life.

The underlying core of problems experienced are  generally residual negative emotions and limiting beliefs and limiting decisions made at some point in time when we did not know any different. Over time we learn, but as we learn through life  there is an anomaly in the amount of energy and attention we give to the “ have to because “technically in teaching we call this  away from ...moving away from what you do not want rather than fully moving thinking and obsessing with certainty about what you do now want.

When we learn over time through life because if I don’t do this …. Something will happen our attention is diluted from fully expressing the potential of a moment fully as we want it.


With time line therapy tm . Releasing these reflections to past points of decision or indecision or to the effect of past experiences  is reduced as the learings and the emotional clarity is within you at this moment, beyond clearing in time to move forward with a fresh persepectve based on our perception of the experience now.


So you become more centred and more aligned.


And more ready and fully able to move forward with a fresh and enhanced view of the life and the possibilities for  your life moving forward enhancing your ability to make what you want  so

Releasing the negative emotions from the root cause gives clarity and fresh perspective