Featured Results

just some examples ....

Weight loss - client lost 4 stone following three hour clearing session ( over a twelve month period )

Confidence - three hours a client lost all fear and awkwardness and finally felt accepted in life after 38 years

Confidence - New job, new life new prospects after elevated self confidence and releasing not enough-ness

Relationships - opened the pathways for two happy marriages and an engagement after successful  Personal Empowerment Intensives cleared old patterns of abuse, jealousy and anger

Phobias - fears of water, sea sickness, vomiting, people, boys, dentists, agrophobia, tocophobia ..... released

 Addictions - smoking, cannabis, alcohol, women... released

 Independence conflicts....released 

dependence conflicts... released

Career conflicts .... Released.

Money - £20k payrise within a month of a Personal Empowerment Intensive

Stuckness in life - house sale within weeks after 12 months of stagnation

PTSD following accidents, incidents of abuse, pregnancy, birth related trauma .... released

Business - Complete Business turnaround to 6 figures.