birthing babies

welcome to “birthing babies” were using easibirthing®️to make birthing babies more comfortable. our aim is to guide mums to empower their own birth experience by making hypnosis for childbirth as accessible as possible. as simple as possible and as easy as possible. To build calm, clarity and confidence in women who birth. so they can feel empowered in their own bodies to birth their babies. and empowered in their transition to motherhood

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birthing babies - one stop at home guide to Hypnotherapy for Childbirth - Everything You will need to make birthing your baby an empowering experience and build you into the transition from pregnancy to motherhood with confidence

"The Positive Light Initiative "

  • Providing coaching and therapy at Low cost but High quality for Individuals who have experienced Domestic Violence or Trauma
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 3 Day Empowerment Trainings with release techniques future alignment processes to begin  again with confidence
  • Online seminars to build confidence and resilience