Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hypnotherapy
2. Why should I choose Hypnotherapy
3. Does hypnosis work for everyone?
4. How fast does it work ?
5. Mind control Vs Personal Empowerment


1. What is Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy is a guided relaxation technique. Many of us light level trance and relaxation experiences it all the time, meditation is a similar state to Hypnosis. Its a state of relaxation where our critical thinking capacity is bypassed and the hypnotherapist is able to communicate directly with our unconscious mind ( which drives our behaviors whether currently good for us or not ) to be able to affect deep lasting positive change by re routing behaviors into a positive light and influence in our lives.

2. Why should I choose Hypnotherapy ?

Hypnotherapy is a really powerful approach that creates lasting  positive change in our behavior. At source. Its fast and effective. Victoria uses Time Line Therapy TM and emotional release techniques to clear the path of past decisions and assists you in building new behavioral choices and emotional pathways with hypnotherapy. Combined this approach is very potent.

3. Does hypnosis work for everyone?

Yes. But you always have choice and free will.  You are always in control. The hypnotherapist is just a guide. Your unconscious mind has a beautiful way of making things right when the problems blocks and past patterns are lifted.

4. How fast does it work?

Really Fast. 3 hours in one session can be life changing ( results may vary )

5. Mind Control Vs Personal Empowerment

People used to ask me .. can you make me dance like a chicken after the days of Hypnosis stage shows in the 90's and quite honesty I  would reply Yes! ( But I charge extra ) I prefer to work with you to create powerful lasting shifts that are really really useful and convince you of your own personal power. That is what is really lifted in these sessions is your own ability to create and experience life the way you want, and making that more effort less.

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