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Award winning Health Wealth and Happiness Expert Victoria Whitney is an expert in assisting people in Transforming their lives to create the situations and circumstances they want in life. Victoria has been in the Personal Development industry for over 15 years now, assisted many, many people in overcoming lifelong blocks and barriers, enabling then to transform their Lives. Achieve more, be more do more and have more of what is truly in alignment with the most authentic version themselves. So they can be truly happy and fulfilled in all areas of life. Learn more .....

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NLP the basics for Small Business an
ideal intro

One day Intensive

Date: 14th October 2014
Location: Truro

Using the minds own language to create the results you want for yourself and with others,isn’t always easy. Though it adds value to every waking moment of your life. Maximizing the potential of every communication, every word, every thought and as you will learn on this course every movement.

Imagine how different things could be if you knew how to decode almost every communication.
Some years ago I started out on the personal development highway and this led me to one of the most transformational practices I have ever
experienced this is why it is the headline feature of my training business.

In recent years I have overcome my own personal demons to be in the position to bring these powerful trainings to you!

So the very fact that you are reading this is testament to the power of NLP, and how it can assist you in transforming your life and business.
There are no limits in the world of NLP, so how far you decide to transform your life or your business is totally up to you.
Many people are aware of the power of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Maybe you have read a book on it or attended and introductory course,
or even been for a session. Whatever your experience of NLP is here at
Illuminating Training we guarantee a positive one. 

If you are new to NLP then now is the time to take action, by attending this training you are positively affecting the success of your business too many ways to mention here.

In a world that is ever changing ever evolving and picking up speed as it does. Its time to improve your flexibility and ability to optimize the value of EVERY interaction you have.
We have delivered and presented just one element of this one day training at several Business breakfasts and have invariably seen life enhancing lightbulb moments in each and every attendee.

What will you learn?
1. How the mind works and how to use it optimally
2. How to change the way you feel instantly
3. The one key to your communication that will change the
way you communicate forever.
4. The Truth about body language and how it can be of
value to you
5. The Power of rapport - how to instantly clink with
someone seemingly effortlessly even on the phone
6. The ultimate state for learning and feeling centred
7. What values are and how to use them to lead inspire and
8. Metaprogrammes the basics and how to have them support you now!

How can you learn all this in just one day!?
The day is high energy and a fast paced learning environment using accelerated learning techniques to assist you in making the most of your time here. The day is delivered in a mix of classroom style
learning and We also have coaching assistants to ensure you have the best understanding of what is covered on the day - so that you know you totally get it!

What if you do attend this day training?
When you think about it we only have now. So now is the time to start taking the action that goes beyond marketing….and into building solid business relations. Be one of the leaders instead of following the crowd... blaze your own trail and learn how to on this course
For small business owners this course is a must.

The power of what you do can only be communicated through you.And this one day intro is the surest fastest way to make the difference that makes the difference to your ability to communicate and deliver on that power.
You are the expert in what you do - we are experts In enabling you to communicate what you do, who you are and to create the maximum value for you and your clients.
Call us on 01736 785868 or 07799334392 to book your place now.

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