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Victoria Whitney

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Award winning Health Wealth and Happiness Expert Victoria Whitney is an expert in assisting people in Transforming their lives to create the situations and circumstances they want in life. Victoria has been in the Personal Development industry for over 15 years now, assisted many, many people in overcoming lifelong blocks and barriers, enabling then to transform their Lives. Achieve more, be more do more and have more of what is truly in alignment with the most authentic version themselves. So they can be truly happy and fulfilled in all areas of life. Learn more .....


NLP Defined In the word of the creators...

"The strategies, tools and techniques of NLP represent an opportunity unlike any other for the exploration of human functioning, or more precisely, that rare and valuable subset of human functioning known as genius." - John Grinder

"NLP is an attitude which is an insatiable curiosity about human beings with a methodology that leaves behind it a trail of techniques. - Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP)

We see NLP as both an art and a science. As the artistry of change, flexibility, creation, innovation and gererativity - inspired by curiosity and fueled by wanton experimentation. This artistry has a grounding element - the science, the underlying order. Together the two form a model, which has the potential to solve anything if only we ask the right questions and are willing to accept the answers

NLP and Communicaion
We are all communicating all of the time - yet most of what were doing we don’t even know we are doing. The unconscious mind picks up and displays very, very subtle signals in our physiology, in the tone of our voice and in more overt ways such as our language and our behavior.
The question is what are you communicating moment by moment?
When you are communicating with someone - how do you know that they understand what you are communicating in the way you intend?
Feedback suggests that more and more people would like to communicate better. To be better understood.

NLP and Language...

We say so much without even knowing it. Have you ever been in a situation where you said something to someone, well meaning it as a compliment and they took it in a completely different way? When we say something, we can’t not influence the way someone is thinking, or the pictures, thoughts and sounds inside their minds.
This means with our language we take people on a journey, the key is in making sure it is a good one! How do you think the media entice you to by into investing in the next product?
NLP is like a translation filter, which enables you to clearly understand communication at its purest level.

NLP in combination with Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to create positive change in our lives.

You have probably heard it before and you are going to hear it again here too, simply because its true!
Everyone makes sense of the world in a very unique way. NLP as a model, enables the practitioner to tune into the things which aren’t quite working for the person and create a shift in the clients thinking so that problems no longer exist, and give them strategies for living differently, without the problem. NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy is really very simple as a client - Its simply a case going with the process.

NLP is like an instruction manual for the mind. It’s a guidebook on how we can change our experience, by changing our thoughts.
Since there is no such thing as pure experience, all of our internal thoughts and images are filtered through our memories beliefs values, metaprogrammes and other filters.
Imagine if changing our reality is as simple as changing a thought. Imagine using your own mind in the way that created the greatest results for you and those around you. Imagine using your communication with volition to empower people around you.
To make their day by enabling them to shift their perspective, with your linguistic wizardry. Imagine being able to either release phobias in minutes to transform the way you see the world within hours.
With NLP its possible to empower yourself, discover and unfold the potential you hold. And to consistently create the reality you richly deserve to experience.

NLP Or Counselling
Counselling works for some over time. It can be cathartic and we know there are some excellent counsellers. In terms of NLP and how it differs, NLP approaches problems with the intention of creating positive change and healing without revisiting past trauma or events.

Allot of the time we aren’t truly conscious of the real problem which is often at the deepest level, simply because of the way our unconscious mind works it does this to protect us and enable to function and live life in the way we do.

With NLP as a student or as a client, the only prerequisite is a commitment to learning a new approach and a desire to create positive change for self or others.

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